Welcome to Journey to the Desert and thank you for reaching us.

If you are one of those people who likes to travel and discover other lands, different cultures, intense flavors, traditions, smells and new colors, landscapes of madness and dreams, smiles, alleys where to get lost, deserts of sand and infinite orange dunes where to melt with the Earth, contemplate the starry skies as you can rarely enjoy, climb mountain peaks, bathe in the sea and the ocean in its purest state, live adventures, get to know its people closely and from within, share with nomadic families from the desert, stroll through the markets and much more, Morocco is your destination and we are your fellow travelers.

A country full of contrasts that leaves no one indifferent and that will welcome you with hospitality and kindness.
Our main objective is to make your trip in this beautiful country an adventure that will surprise you and always accompany you, away from the figure of the tourist and closer to its inhabitants, integrated into their customs and culture.
Living adventures and feeling unique sensations. An experience you cannot miss ...

Our experience in the sector visiting Morocco is from many years ago. We offer routes from the most important cities in the country and also alternative trips (routes with Yoga and meditation, Trekking in the mountains and in the desert, surfing, cycling, quads, buggies, sandboarding, etc.). Whether you come alone / as a couple, with your family, with children, with friends, honeymoon, student trips, business trips, etc. Marrakech sahara tour We organize your customized circuit. Always living the adventure under the guidelines of sustainable and responsible tourism.

So you just have to tell us your chosen route, the dates for your stay in Morocco, number of people and needs to be satisfied via email or WhatsApp. We look forward to the rest with great enthusiasm!